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When does your calendar open?
The calendar opens on the 19th (for current clients) and 20th(for new clients)  of each month for the following month. For example; May 20th will open the June calendar. 


Can you braid short hair?

Absolutely, however certain styles required at least 4 inches of hair like the illusion crochet technique. Also if your hair is too long and thick you may need a consult to be sure we are prepared for the best foundation for your hair. If you are unsure please send us a message to confirm.

Why do some services have deposits and others do not?

The services that require deposit are those that are over $100 and usually require hair to be bought.


Can I book more than one service?

Of course! Check out our bundle packages for the most frequented services that are usually booked together. If you don’t see a package that is for you or at least  has two of the services needed, book your main service first, then add the other services after.


I booked my main appointment but there is no slot on the same day for any other services

This means that the day of your appointment only the time for your main service was available. If this is the case, you will have to prep your hair accordingly before you come in for your appointment or simply look for another day.

Do you braid tight?

For most, no. However if you are getting the illusion crochet service, the install may feel tighter AFTER  the foundation is braided. If you have any scalp irritations, alopecia or are extremely tender headed, please send us a message to consult.

I love your crochet, but does it have to be so big?

I use a special technique created mainly for its versatility. With versatility comes more hair to cover, which means more hair will also be used. If you’d like to get something the isn’t so big, please consider allowing us to do a one or two part install to reduce the volume.


How is your crochet different than others?

Most stylist use the traditional technique with the small knots that sit right on top of the braid.The technique I use, created sort of a loop that sits underneath the braid. This underloop also created an illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp. This technique is done throughout the whole head unless directed not to.

My hair is thin and i have problem areas, can  get illusion crochet? 

For issues like this I highly advice getting a consultation BEFORE booking as you may not qualify or be the best candidate for this particular technique. Clients are also encouraged and welcomed tto send pictures of your hair and scalp prior to booking via our email. 


Hair Maintenance

Can I wash my hair while it is in crochet braids?

This answer would be dependent on the hair you select. Most style you are able to wash GENTLY. For many clients, cleansing the scalp and oiling the scalp works fine during the time you’ll have the style in. During your appointment I go through all maintenance and tips to keep your style as long as possible.


How do I maintain my illusion crochet braids?

For most styles, because this will be done with synthetic hair, it is first important to note that constantly separating synthetic hair will be your best bet. Synthetic hair usually mattes and tangles when it is unbothered, also causing it to age faster. So when you are taking care of the hair you’ll need to separate the curls and twist is down in 4 sections.


Can I use any products on my hair?

Yes the first is oil! Please give your scalp some good ole TLC during your protective style by oiling your scalp about 3-4 days a week. To rejuvenate the hair, you’ll be fine using the following:

  • Non Alcoholic Mousse.

  • ORS Heat Protectant Serum

  • Light leave in conditioner mixed with water.


*Remember when putting products on synthetic hair: Less in more


How do I take down my crochet?


1. Cut out all Synthetic hair as close as you can to your cornrows without cutting your own hair


2. Dampen your hair with water, then add a moisture rich deep conditioner to your braids


3 let sit for at least 30 minutes to help create slip between the synthetic hair and your cornrows


4. Look for the tail end of your braids, somewhere in the middle. The tails should be tucked underneath the other braids so it is best to use 2 mirrors to help guide you- pull up the ends and start unraveling the braid.


5. Be sure to unravel the braid close together to ensure you do not tangle you hair- TAKE YOUR TIME


6. As you unravel also use your fingers to help take out any buds that are left for the Synthetic hair. Unraveling should help the rest of the hair come out.

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