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Policies and Procedures

Thanks for your interest in Nia Natural Hair!

Please read the following thoroughly BEFORE booking your appointment to ensure you are fully aware of each of our policies and procedures.

***LA CLIENTS: please note all inquiries for LA appointments must be made via email 1st. If you book without doing so, you will be booking for the DMV location and NOT the LA location.

All LA Appointments will incur a traveling & additional service fee as well***


***STARTING SEPT 2020***

We will be moving to an every 2 week calendar due to COVID. We want to prepare for anything that may happen during this fall phase of our new normal, so we've decided to step away from our monthly calendars temporarily.

  • On the 20th of each month we will be booking appointments for the 1st-15th of the following calendar month

  • On the 5th of each month, we will be booking appointments for the 16th-30th/31st of the calendar month.

  • Example: Sept 1st-15th will be available to book on Aug 20th. 

  • IF you have any questions prior to book we ask that you send us an email to

  • First time clients looking to book the illusion technique MUST book under First time Client service even if you have had crochet braids before. This appointment includes a consultation and time to get to know you and your hair journey better. It is also important to note that the price is a BASE price for all curls starting at $220, anything after that will incur an additional charge of 15-25 depending on the curl pattern.

  • First Time Crochet Clients will not be eligible to book the "Oh So Straight" and Body Curl styles.  

  • Client consultation will be held over the phone 48-24 hours before appointments or in person.

  • New Clients cannot bring their own hair


  • PLEASE be sure to elect a curl pattern in the notes section of your booking form. If this is NOT done during booking, the selection of curls may be limited once appointment is confirmed during consult. 

  • For new clients booking illusion crochet, please email clear and well lit pictures of your hair texture, hairline and scalp after booking has gone through. The pictures need to be sent in reply to your confirmation email OR within your booking profile.

  • When coming in for an appointment, client MUST have hair thoroughly clean, conditioned and blown out, not flat ironed. The client's hair should be comb-able with a medium size tooth comb without getting caught. 

  • If stylist has to rewash or thoroughly detangle the client's hair or blow dry it, client will incur a prep charge of $10-25 depending on time spent. If a wash is needed and time permits, client will incur the charge for a quick wash. If time does not permit, client's appointment will be rescheduled and a late cancelation fee will be added for time lost to the business.
  • Our Calendar is month to month, opening on the 19th at 8:00AM(Current Clients) & 20th at 8:00AM (New Clients) for the following month. Example: March will open Feb 20th.

  • Appointments made for the following month outside of the opening time WILL be canceled and deposit forfeited. 

  • Styles that require a deposit are Non-refundable. Transfers are no longer accepted for deposit. If the appointment is canceled at ANY point your deposit WILL be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS 

  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to your appointment will be charged 50% of the service total.

  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to your appointment will be charged 50% of the service total.

  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to your appointment will be charged 50% of the service total.

  • No-Show Appointments will be subject to full payment of service.

  • Late Cancellations and No Show appointments due to an “act of God” will be allowed to reschedule with original deposit with the stylist’s discretion. Certain situations will require proof IE: A death in your family etc. Rescheduled appointment must be made with 30 days.

  • Final payment for appointment can be taken via Cash or Card. Weekend appointments including Friday will need to be paid in CASH only.

  • Card payments are accepted with a 5% additional processing fee. 

  • Please give yourself adequate travel to arrive on time to appointment.

  • A 15 Minute grace period is given for each appointment. After the grace period, your appointment may be subject to a $25 late fee.

  • After 25 minutes late, the late fee will be assessed and you may need to downgrade to a 2 part install for illusion crochet. For all other services, style may need to be adjusted  to fit in the appointed time frame at the stylist’s discretion.

  • It is at the stylists discretion to reschedule any late appointments after the 25 minute mark, if this is the case for your appointment and the style may not be completed in time, you will still incur the $25 Late fee.

  • If you are selecting a style WITHOUT a wash and condition, please be sure to arrive with hair washed, conditioned, detangled and blown out properly. If you are a natural sister and have thicker hair, please be sure to pay attention to your scalp making sure that it is fully cleansed and also extra attention to detangling hair and having it READY TO BRAID.

  • Changing of hair style is discouraged. Unfortunately when a request is made to change a curl pattern for crochet or the entire style, it costs us due to additional hair being purchased. If the style is changed entirely it may even cost us time lost. For this reason styles may not always be available for changes and if available will incur an additional charge to cover the cost for hair and supply. 

  • For Illusion crochet- relaxed hair must be at least 4 weeks old

    • Hair must NOT be freshly dyed - at least 2 weeks old​

    • Hair must be AT LEAST 4 inches all round for install to last

  • If you are tender headed it may be beneficial to lightly press hair before appointment. The more tangled the hair is the more it may be uncomfortable as it takes the braider more work to braid hair, also resulting in it feeling tighter.

  • Hair that is still unclean, wet or still has chemicals such as hair dye, will incur a wash and condition charge IF time is available. If time is not available for the addition, service will need to be rescheduled.

  • First time clients that are new to the illusion method and also new to crochet styling, please keep in mind that it is YOUR responsibility to do your research on the style booking. For more information on our style of crochet please check out our FAQ page.

  • For Recurring Clients- if you have an upcoming appointment please allow yourself enough time to take out any previous protective styles to ensure you have enough time for your scalp to properly air out before your appointment. This will also help any delay to your appointment due to hair prep inconsistencies. (I.E. not having enough time to wash your hair prior to appt. etc.) 

  • Clients that have any scalp irritations or issues please be sure to make note of that when booking. IF A SCALP CONDITION IS KNOWN- A DOCTOR'S NOTE MUST BE SENT PRIOR TO APPOINTMENT. IF have the ability to turn down service if client shows signs of scalp fungus, bacteria, psoriasis, or dermatitis.  A consultation may need to be made prior to appointment to ensure we are giving you the best service possible according to your needs.

  • When booking please don’t forget to read the descriptions for the style selected.

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